The Wines

Renewing a European family tradition of fine winemaking, winemaker Bill Loew has been making premium wines in the United States since 1985.  


Seyval Blanc - Smooth and balanced with notes of citrus and pear in the bouquet. Aged in stainless steel; a perfect summer white. (Sold out)

Two Consenting Grapes - A scintillating, un-oaked blend of Vidal Blanc and Reliance, with zesty notes of citrus and tropical fruits. Try matching this wine with spicy, peppery foods



Classic Red - A vibrant, peppery blend of Maréchal Foch and Chancellor. Great with Italian comfort food. 

Maréchal Foch - Bright with notes of black cherry in the bouquet. Pairs well with savory foods. Good spaghetti red. (SOLD OUT)

Harvest Red Reserve - Hearty, fruit-forward blend of Cabernet Franc and Chancellor. Robust, with smooth tannins. Complements savory meals or something from the grill. A very special blend.

Pinoirette - Light bodied blend of a red grape, Leon Millot and a white grape, Seyval Blanc. Reminiscent of Pinot Noir, an approachable red.

Chancellor - 100% Chancellor grape. Supple, smooth, with hints of wild berries and rose petals. Soft tannins.

Celebration - Dry rosé, light-bodied with a floral bouquet and fruity character.


Serendipity - Notes of citrus, mango and pineapple in the bouquet; a unique wine made from the Reliance grape. 

Country Classic - Rich, satisfying blend of Chancellor and blackberries. Semi-sweet, complex, great front porch wine. (Sold out)


Honey & Grape with Black Currant -  The family tradition of honey wine now spans more than a century; a blend of white grapes with local honey and black currants to offer complexity. Rich, smooth, with just the right touch of sweetness; ages beautifully. (Sold Out.)

Raspberry in Grape - A vibrant blend of Vidal Blanc and raspberries. Sweet and sassy, and a wonderful companion to chocolate or cheesecake. Best served chilled and shared with friends. 

Strawberry Jubilee - Refreshing blend of white grapes and strawberries. Full of fruit, with just the right touch of sweetness. Adds to the fun of any light-hearted occasion. 


Viva Vidal - Enticing blend of Vidal blanc and black currant.  Sweet yet piquant, making it a perfect sipping wine.

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